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2009 BREAD (for schools) RUN from Don Canterbury on Vimeo

"This video was produced to share how a team of high school basketball players from Fabius, NY, "Da Boys of 1956-57" (Hoosiers before the movie was even conceived) reunited 50 years after their amazing championship season, then embarking on a journey to create a new legacy. "Da Boys" came up with a unique concept to raise money for schools across the USA. They organized a memorial half marathon, 5K, and the concept of "angel runners", naming it the "BREAD (for schools)'s a cake walk" . The inaugural event was held October 11th, 2009 and was a smashing first year success, sending over $10,000 to schools around the country in addition to handing out donated prize money of $12,000 to the winning runners."

2009 BREAD FOR SCHOOLS RUN from Don Canterbury on Vimeo


The Post Standard (

Sunday run in Fabius grows from longtime basketball bond
(The Post Standard, October 10 , 2009)


The Post Standard (

Fall foliage of Fabius/Pompey is the setting for Da Boys BREAD (for schools) RUN, 5K and half marathon Oct. 11
(The Post Standard, October 2, 2009)


29 May 2009
22 February 2009
Chamber of Commerce
Public Announcement
Greater Syracuse, NY
Cazenovia, NY



To announce The Run

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The last time Da Boys were on this basketball court together was in 1957, when Da Boys played their last home game of the season. Shortly after that last game, the gym became an elementary school cafeteria.

As a tribute to them and to show their support for the Da Boys BREAD (for schools) RUN - school officials, board of education members, and neighborhood volunteers got out the paint brushes, and the wax, and the buffers - they literally brought the basketball court back to its original condition of more than 50 years ago.

This not only allowed Da Boys to share a spaghetti and meatball dinner together - in the middle of the court - but also allowed Da Boys to share memories of that season which is still so fresh in their minds. At the same time, the Da Boys continued their discussion and planning for the great work they are about to do for schools everywhere - their legacy to schools everywhere, which they hope will grow for decades to come.

You will notice the chair tilted up to the table and carnations on the dish - that is for one of Da Boys who passed.

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The Post Standard (

Members of 1950s Fabius championship basketball team organize the Da Boys BREAD (for schools) RUN (The Post Standard, March 4, 2009)