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The Bundy Museum of the Baking Arts

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Russell Bundy (left) honors the famous Durkee’s Bread legacy with an all new historic display in The Bundy Museum of the Baking Arts – the largest baking museum in the world.


Cortland Historical Society

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Jane Edlund, whose father founded Durkee's Baking Co., discusses the family business with Jerry Antil, whose father, Mike, was general sales manager of the company. The pair were at the Cortland Historical Society looking through old newspaper clippings and photographs. (Cortland Standard, 7 July 2007)


CNYLiving History Center

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Jane Durkee Edlund listens as Jerry Antil of The University of TRAVELHOST speaks during a presentation at the Center for The Arts in Homer, Monday afternoon. Antil, whose father was an executive with Durkee Bakery, and Edlund, whose parents started the bakery in Homer, announced that a Durkee's Bakery display will be part of the CNY Living History Center, along with Brockway Museum.  (Cortland Standard, 15 January 2009)


Cornell University Case Studies Project

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Jerry Antil of The University of TRAVELHOST, a descendant of the Durkee's Bakery family, talks Saturday on the Cornell University campus about a proposed museum in Cortlandville. (Cortland Standard, 24 November 20008)


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Seasoned Bread Crumbs

"In the mid 1940's Albert Durkee and Michael C. Antil Sr., proprietors of Durkee's Bakery, Homer, N.Y. pursued an idea to bake heavily seasoned and spiced bread loaves and a drying machine and grater which took the baked loaves and grated them into a fine bread crumb - suitable for turkey stuffing and varius seasoning uses." (Answers.com and Wikipedia)


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